How much are Lessons?

Please click here to see our Lessons & Pricing.

Where are you located?

The M.A.D. House is located at 0/1, 151 Paisley Road West, Glasgow, G511JQ.
Subway Stop: Kinning Park - A quick 5 mintue walk to the 'Theatre.' Bus stop: Sussex Street Parking: Free Parking on Sussex Street

What ages do you teach?

Great question! We teach ages 13 and above.

Do you teach Adults?

YES! And we LOVE it. All of our services are designed for older students and Adults alike.

I am a total beginner- is that ok?

Of course! If you are new to music and drama I would recommend our weekly lessons.

Are trial lessons avaliable?

Yes! Chemistry Meetings are a great place to start. Book yours in here!


The M.A.D. House

Glasgow, G511JQ

(0141) 2138 350

Mon- Thur 4:00 PM–9:00 PM

Fri- Sat: CLOSED

Sun: 10:00 AM- 2.00PM

The M.A.D. House offers beginner to advanced music & drama lessons for ages 13 +

We offer Singing Lessons, Acting Lessons, Public Speaking Workshops, and Coaching for Peak Performance. 


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The M.A.D. House is the place for music and drama lessons in Glasgow! The Doctor's studio 'Theatre' is conveniently located in Kinning Park, with easy access to the Subway Station and Bus Stops.

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